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Clients Are Our Partners

Malachite is honoured to work with medical, scientific and business leaders who spearhead the growth of their professional association, while making a positive change in the world.


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Enhancing Growth Through Membership Development

Learn how our association management company supplemented membership development for our client, nearly tripling its members within five years.
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Establishing A Governance Infrastructure For An Entirely New Organization

Learn how Malachite Management helped our associations establish their governance structure.
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Relaunching The Corporate Membership Program To Increase Funds By 333%

We increased funds by 333% in one year through our corporate membership program. Learn how our association management company achieved this goal.
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Developing A Fundraising Plan Which Increased Sponsorship By 267%

Our association management company increased sponsorship for our client by 267% in corporate support. Learn about how we developed a comprehensive fundraising plan.
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Increasing Revenue Through Sponsorship Development

Learn how Malachite Management doubled our client’s revenue to nearly a million dollars within ten years, using our sponsorship development strategy.

Grow Your Association

Our clients enjoy a consistent year-over-year increase in revenues, member satisfaction and committee participation.

Get in touch to see how we can help your association grow.