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Careers At Malachite

Do you have a strong business acumen, and are you passionate about making a positive change in the scientific, medical and business community?

Malachite employs a talented team of business professionals, many with scientific backgrounds and advanced business and communications degrees. We all share a passion for improving the world from a medical and scientific standpoint. Learn more about working at an AMC.

Does it sound like you would fit well with our team? Are you driven by the prospect of improving the world through your unique capabilities? If so, please submit your resume, we are always on the lookout for bright minds to join our amazing team! You will be directed to the website of our sister company, STEMCELL Technologies where our job listings are included.

Team Malachite Testimonials

Malachite has knowledgeable staff that are dedicated in providing empowerment to clients.

Lynsey Mellon

Malachite is a voice of reason providing professional services. They would go the extra mile for their clients.

Ana Torres

Malachite is a professional team with interesting origins, a pedigree [within the scientific space].

Ema Shackleton

Malachite is like a big family.

Kim Shand

Malachite is focused on Science - and that is our niche. We are the supporting structure behind the scenes, as an integral part of our client's growth.

Paul Fogerty

Malachite is an organization where everyone cares about the work that they do, because they make a positive change in the world.

Adam Terris

Malachite's strength is in the reason we were founded: to help our clients realize their missions for the betterment of humanity.

Paul Kool

I wish that outsiders could see just how ethical and determined Malachite employees are.

Jyoti Bhardwaj