Case Studies

Enhancing Growth Through Membership Development

What Our Client Needed:

Many non-profits were struggling during an economic downturn. One client’s membership was becoming stagnant, fluctuating between 120 and 150 members. The membership was primarily comprised of physicians; even though the organization was open to all healthcare workers involved in its industry.

What We Created:

In order to ensure the continued growth of the association, Malachite developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase membership by:

  • Establishing a multidisciplinary committee to determine the needs of allied healthcare professionals.
  • Conducting a survey of allied healthcare professionals to determine their needs.
  • Highlighting current programs and developing new ones designed to meet the needs of allied healthcare professionals.
  • Creating a new governance structure to include allied healthcare professionals.

How It Worked:

Based on Malachite’s membership strategy, the following programs were developed to address the unmet needs of allied healthcare professionals:

  • Webinar program.
  • Conference programming specific to allied healthcare professionals.
  • Small budget research grants specific to allied healthcare professionals.

The marketing strategy was designed to reach current and potential members by:

  • Developing a new category of membership for allied health professionals.
  • Developing cross-promotion partnerships with organizations where the Society’s members were currently participating.
  • Leveraging our current members to engage in grassroots marketing to build membership.

A new governance structure was established to ensure that both allied healthcare professionals and physicians were represented on the board as well as multidisciplinary committees.

After five years, our client’s membership was almost 350 strong, increasing its numbers by approximately 133%.

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