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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an association management company (AMC)?

An association management company (AMC) provides a wide range of business services for non-profit organizations. Services can include strategic planning, operations management, conference management, governance support, marketing and communications, accounting, social media management, membership development and fundraising.

What types of job opportunities are available at an AMC like Malachite?

Malachite employs a wide range of business professionals: executive directors, project/program managers, coordinators and administrators, conference and meeting planners, accountants and operations experts.

Why do associations hire an AMC?

Non-profit associations hire an association management company to take on the responsibilities of the day-to-day operations of the organization. This allows the volunteer leaders to focus on strategic initiatives. The association receives focused, professional expertise that is very efficient and a great value.

An AMC can help your organization maintain its strategic focus. Seasoned professionals with years of experience in the management of non-profit organizations can offer strategic advice and best practices for moving your association towards fulfilling its vision. It can provide you with the specific expertise you need, when you need it. An AMC customizes client services, assigning the appropriate staff specialists as needed to carry out specific goals. Staff can have special expertise in publishing, conference planning, fundraising, communications, etc.

If AMCs do so much of the association’s work, what role does the association Board play (when working with an AMC)?

An AMC can do the heavy-lifting, maintaining smooth operations and business continuity. This allows the Board and other volunteer leaders to focus on strategic initiatives to meet its vision and mission.

Why choose Malachite?

  • Malachite will hit the ground running because we understand and are already entrenched in the scientific and medical association management marketplace.
  • Malachite’s association clients have enjoyed consistent year-to-year increases in membership, member satisfaction, committee participation, sponsorship support and loyalty, meeting-attendance and profitability.
  • Malachite is constantly upgrading our tools and skillsets to deliver the most efficiency for our clients.

Our association is registered in the US. Can we be managed from Canada?

Yes. Most of Malachite’s clients are incorporated at 501(c)(3) organizations in the US. Their market is international and a Canadian headquarters address gives them international presence and reinforces their global brands.