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Strategies to Retain and Recruit Members

Membership revenue is the bread and butter for many associations. Retaining current members and recruiting new members is an ongoing discussion for associations. New membership recruitment strategies can be daunting, particularly if your association has limited resources to achieve results. Below are successful strategies Malachite Management Inc. has implemented for our client associations. These strategies […]

Nine Tips to Increase Webinar Attendance

Successful and engaging educational webinars are a great added benefit to any society membership. Webinars are more than educational presentations; they are an opportunity for members to meet, real-time, with like-minded experts working in the field. There is a commonly known statistic that half of all registrants actually show up for educational webinars. With this […]

Malachite Director Awarded CAE Designation

Ana Torres

Congratulations to Ana Torres, CAE, Malachite Association Executive. She has been awarded her Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation from the Canadian Association of Society Executives (CSAE). It is the highest professional designation in the field of non-profit management. The CAE is an internationally recognized designation built on 44 competencies that demonstrate the essential skills of efficient and effective […]

Dos and Don’ts of Building a Great Conference App

These days, if you want to communicate information effectively you have to make it available at your audience’s fingertips– that is, via their mobile devices. In the days of instant updates, personalization, and news feeds, the printed program is too static to meet the evolving needs of conference organizers and delegates. The general population has […]